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Local Habitat build gets new roof

Local Habitat build gets new roof

Thunder Bay Roofing has donated a roof, as well as $1,500 to this year’s Habitat for Humanity build.

By: Doug Diaczuk on

THUNDER BAY – Neil Hrabowy has built his career and business around putting roofs over people’s heads. But sometimes, the wood, nails, and shingles that hold a roof together do a lot more than just provide shelter, they provide a second chance.

On Monday, Hrabowy, owner of Thunder Bay Roofing, donated $1,500 to Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay. The donation comes in addition to his company already building the roof for the 2017 Habitat build.

“I was excited to get on board and really eager to help the organization out and we are doing it again for the 2018 build and I hope I’m here as long as I’m in business because it’s a great cause and it’s not much out of my guys days to get this done and it’s a big help,” Hrabowy said.

Thunder Bay Roofing stepped in after the previous company was unable to continue its commitment to Habitat for Humanity. Dan Stezenko, CEO for Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay, said local companies and volunteers make the homes they build possible.

“They are the lifeblood of what we do,” he said. “We are a volunteer organization and we count on companies to help us out with our builds and keep our costs down and Neil is the quintessential example of what a great business person is in Thunder Bay.”

For Hrabowy, contributing to a cause like Habitat for Humanity is a way for him to not only give back to the community, but to do so by sharing his skills as a tradesperson.

“There are a lot of skilled tradesmen, talented guys in this city that should be giving back,” he said. “This is something we do every day, day in, day out, we help friends, and we help families, so why not help a very good cause in this city. It’s an easy choice.”

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